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How Banking Helped Me Cut Back Financially

I hate fees... just period! I don't want to pay you a fee to keep my money safe. It's my money now give it to me. That has always been my thought processes. From a teenager getting her first job I kept traditional bank accounts until that went to the left and I had to cancel the accounts. Who knows what I look like in the Chex System. As I got older I realized I wanted more control over my money period. I was tired of falling into the trap of "you can pay that overdraft back" when honestly I wanted them to decline it. I grew up in the era of what's balancing a checkbook. I learned that even though I could swipe my card doesn't mean the bank cleared it that fast. Due to that mistakes happened on my part due to my ignorance. I wanted to learn but I also wanted more control in my banking endeavors. I was young trying to pay bills, save money and cut back whatever I could. I was willing to get regular checks and cash them and keep my cash on me. That's how serious I got. As technology transition some innovative people heard our cry before I got that extreme.

Eventually I heard about these new bank accounts that were mobile banks or mostly online with some physical location access. With these accounts you could do everything like a regular bank just without a teller. For example direct deposit, upload cash and deposit checks and all. I have checked out quite a few but I have tell you about the ones that have really helped me out financially. All of these banks release your money as soon as they receive it so you get paid earlier than most of your co-workers and for running your mouth telling them how good it is you can get a referral bonus. (They have to meet the requirements).

One of my favorite ones was the Ace Elite or Ace Flare. The beauty of this system was I always got my check two days before everyone else. I could overdraft but there was a small limit, of $100 and with that the fee was only $15 so no matter what craziness I did with my money I would never have to give $500 or $600 dollars mainly due to fees. I was a very young nurse who did not know a lot about money. So overdraft protection was a must have at this point. Another thing was they have a physical location that gave temporary cards. You know how many times I misplace my stuff. Its Tragic to be honest. I loved being able to go in and get what I needed without having to wait a long time.

There are also some great perks such as cashback on certain purchases when you shop, I think I have earned about $20 in cashback when I pay attention and add the offers to my card. Who doesn't like free money. Its saving money as well that I can see. This account also lets you pay other Ace card or any NetSpend card users instantly. There is no fee to do this online but with an agent there is a fee over the phone. Netspend has a lot of cards so the chances of being able to use this is quite high. They also have a savings account you can sign up for to save money for living expenses, debt reduction and more. This comes with a card to your house and there are many designs to choose from. One of my favorite designs is the breast cancer awareness design.I enjoy the Ace System but it is similar to regular banking but not quite. If you want to try them out Click Here.

I have to say top of the line favorite is Chime Bank. I first got this account because it was exclusively online, it has a great referral bonus, I could get my check fast and early and it helps me get my financial life right. What I mean is it comes with a savings account. With the savings account you can automatically roundup purchases and put 10% of your check into your savings account when its deposited. That's an easy way to save money for emergency funds or big purchases. If you need it easily transfer it to your checking account instantly.

I really believe that Chime Bank has also kept their customers in the front of their mind for a few reasons. One of those reasons is the pay friends features. If you and your family members or friends have Chime Bank Accounts you can easily send money without fees or going through a third party system. I find it useful to use for my husband and I. When I need money for a bill or lunch he can easily send it to me without paying transfer fees or worrying about it taking some time. The money comes instantly. Also when my sister does my hair I can instantly pay her.

Lastly, this bank gives you a free debit card that you can be used everywhere! You can withdraw money, pay for purchases and pay your bills at anytime or anywhere. I really enjoy Chime and hopefully you find it useful to. If you would like to try this bank Just Click Here! If you get direct deposit you could earn $50 after your first one within 45 days, if do not have direct deposit you can still sign up and look at a new way for banking. Maybe you want to try using their direct deposit services. I promise it is worth it. Please follow them on social media they are constantly giving away free money to do simple task like tag your friends in post. Another reason I love Chime, I never seen a traditional bank do anything like that.

As I spend time getting my financial life right I realize I have to put some safe guards in place. One of those safeguards was splitting my pay checks into different accounts. So, I send bill Money into one of my accounts, money to spend in one and money to invest in another account. So as a soloprenuer my money comes to me so I have another account that I use to get my money from my different payment processors when I make money online. I use to try to connect traditional bank accounts I realized other accounts work too. So now, I use a Varo mobile account. This Varo account has similar features like direct deposit, depositing cash and checks and linking accounts. This thing that makes Varo stand out is that it helps get you on financial track. You can set monetary goals link other accounts to look at your overall financial health in one place. You can connect loan accounts and all. It also comes with a saving account as well. This savings account has a 2.10% APR as of today. You can also round up your change and select a certain percentage of your check to go to your savings account. I believe Varo is perfect if you are trying to increase your financial independence as the have offers in their mobile app to help you decrease other bills like insurance, and also things you can try to earn extra income. The best part I can do most of this from my phone or in my neighborhood. I can upload money at a local drugstore if I needed to. If you want to try Varo they are offering $100 if you sign up and get direct deposit within 45 days, even if you don't get direct deposit this is beats traditional banking anyday. Click Here to sign up.

*This post contain affliate links that help me keep this blog running.

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