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Boost Your Immune System

As a person living with HIV, I am well aware of the importance of boosting my immune system. As of now there is no HIV cure or HIV vaccine. We have to protect ourselves on the regular. Now that COVID '19, is here everyone has the same question. How can we protect ourselves and help our immune system. There are so many ways that we can do this from vitamins, to different foods to managing stress. I want to share with you some ways to boost your immune system, some of it you have heard some you may not have. If you want to strengthen your immune system keep reading. First let's discuss your immune system. Your immune system is the body system that is in place to help you fight off infections and illness. The immune system has several parts and cells that fight on your behalf. So the first thing you can do to boost your immunity is fruits and vegetables such as red bell peppers, broccoli, strawberries, carrots, asparagus, and apples. The next thing is to avoid foods that harm the immune system like fried foods, fast food, and caffeine. Now you want to add some things like vitamins Vitamin C, Zinc, and daily multivitamins. As most of us know our children are home with us so make sure you get them vitamins as well and find some fun ways to get them their vitamins and nutrients.

Now that we have added some things to our diet we must not work against our immune system. During this time monitor your stress and the stress of others around us. This is a good time to do some stress relieving activities such as watching comedy, reading, coloring, a in home spa day, relaxation techniques, and spending time with your family. When you are stressed out it affects your immune system heavily. I want you to monitor what you watch on tv and on social media. This is not the time to fall into hysteria. Its time to protect your peace. Once COVID 19 is over I do not want you to get sick because you have stressed the whole time. Then you have to spend more time out of commission. This is the perfect time to be in peace and prepare for when the world opens up again.

Be at peace please feel free to leave your thoughts comments or suggestions.

See you in the next post.

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