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Dear Hezekiah,

Son, I miss you so much. I remember when I was pregnant with you, I took a test saw a faint line and thought no I’m not pregnant. A month later I got sick at work and I in fact was. Excitement was a understatement I was so excited to have the opportunity to be your mother. Your sister was already in heaven. Have you met her yet? That is my baby just like you. I hope you guys get along my sweet boy.

I was so ready to watch you grow up and then I got the news. You knew before me that you had already went to be with our father. We didn’t. It shook our faith and me and your father almost didn’t make it that time. We almost gave up. We didn’t though we still down here making it and waiting for God to give us another shot.

I really miss you, I made an ornament for you and everytime I touch it, it moves I know that’s you because you can’t be still. You remind me so much of your father. You make sure we can’t forget you. I know one day I will hold you and kiss you I just wish it was now.

If you were here I would be preparing to send you to early head start. You would be running around listening to music. I just know it. It’s like I know your personality and we never met in person. Today I cried about you and your sister and brother.

Im going to write to them as well as it comforts me and I know you will see this one day and remind me of my words. My love for you could never go away. I feel like you think we forgot about you because no one really knew you existed but us. You came and went so fast and my sadness was so strong I couldn’t speak on it. I’m sure you remember because you comforted me a lot. You aren’t forgotten always loved.

Im patiently waiting for a response, see you soon.

Your Mother

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