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God Promised Us Babies!!!!

Its been a long time since I have talked baby talk. Why? Honestly I had just plain given up hope, I just thought it was not going to be for me. At this point I loss three babies, I just knew it would not happen again after each miscarriage. But it did, I made my blogs to help other women who were going through. I eventually stopped even doing that.

Lately, God has just been on me about doing acts of faith. He made me a promise and you to. There will not be anyone barren in HIS land. But do you really believe that? I was not for a while so it was easier to just act like there was no desire to conceive or to have baby. I moved on and guess what it came back.

So since I know God has promised me this, I have decided that its time to do acts of faith. If I believe I will have this baby, I need to be prepared. So welcome to baby preparation season. I will share some things as allowed by the holy spirit of what I am doing. Also I want you to go today and prayer and ask Him about the promises he has made to you in regards to having your baby. So this finally is an exciting post. I see all the babies coming so get ready, get ready, get ready!!!!!!


1. Create a "Baby Vision" board on Pinterest.

When I looked at my pinterest boards, I realized that I had only put boards about being an angel mom, ttc, and hope after a miscarriage. I was envisioning based on where I was instead of where I was going. I want you to get to creating them and they are fun! Some ideas include nursery ideas, baby first birthday. mommy and daddy boards and pregnancy. Also feel free to make your boards private only some of mine are public. Feel free to keep your journey to baby yours.

2. Read books

Read books about baby's first year,pregnancy and delivery. Find success stories that can inspire you and keep you steadfast on the promise keeper vs the promise. Read that again. Books are awesome.

3. Make Registries

Make your registries online like Amazon for all the things you want for your baby, you and your spouse. Don't forget your spouse is going through this too.

4. Journal

This is a new one I am adding, I journal everything except what God has promised me and what that would look like. Some ideas for journaling include baby names, birthing plans, and nursery ideas. I would love to hear your ideas below as I am just starting this one.

5. Get out of all the groups!

Facebook groups can be good and sometimes overwhelming. So unless you are still currently grieving and need that type of support heavy, I would back away from loss groups. Sometimes you find yourself coming into agreement with a lot of things that don;t align with your promise.Pray about this one especially if you feel conviction. Sometimes the voices of others can cloud our judgment.

These are a start. I strongly suggest you pray and ask Holy Spirit what are your acts of faith? I have more that I did not share so before sharing here make sure you can share specifics. Thats the beauty of a relationship with God, so things are just for you two to know.

I do talk about my miscarriage experiences in my book so feel free to purchase it here:

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