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Procrastination can steal your joy

In a world of busy there is always something to do . We all have some type of life that usually includes some type of work, business, family and friends. We are pulled in so many ways and sometimes lets be honest it can be overwhelming. When we take time to sit down and write down everything we need to get done sometimes it leads to us doing nothing. It has been about a year since I just walked away from a 9-5, I find myself procrastinating more now than when I had a job.

This is my life and I have complete control of my destiny with God of course. I allow my long to do list make me go hide under the sheets. We live in a world of instant gratification. Its important that we allow perseverance to ensue. We have to keep at it and not be fooled by procrastination. I remember the first time I heard procrastination was still disobedient, I was so hurt. Like how? I knew it to be true because I was not seeing the fruits of my labor. Although some of the instructions were not directly related to what I wanted, in the end it would lead me to getting what I needed from God. Read that again.

In Psalms 37:4 it states delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart (KJV). To delight in God is to make merry over: to be happy about God. When you are happy about God he starts to line his will in your heart. Think about any other relationship. When you are getting to know them you start to do things you both like and eventually anything that no longer serves you, you let go. Your heart is your inner man. Your inner man begins to want what God wants. Then God begins to answer you. If you are not paying attention you may miss it.

When you are procrastinating or not focusing on what God has asked of you, you may find your happiness dwindling away. You may see some of the curses for disobedience showing up. Yes, did you know debt and inflammation was a curse. Think about it if you don't treat your body like a holy temple you may find yourself sick. That is disobedience not to care for your body, mind and spirit. Not to go that extreme on you but really pay attention to the fruit in your life. Fruit is not money, its love, peace, joy, meekness and temperance.

When I don't have these fruit in my life no amount of money will suffice. I start to feel like I am completely losing my mind. So, its important that we work to be as obedient as possible to the lord in all areas. If you have not done what he said then you are disobedient and God is not pleased with that. I believe that we can be willfully disobedient because we just don't know or understand our father. Or we treat him like our parents here on earth, which he is nothing like them, he is so much more. If you have not been doing that thing he told you, Repent and jump on it right now.

Everything dealing with entrepreneurship is my act of obedience, my book, podcast,

this blog and my YouTube channel. If it was up to me I would still be working my job not having an ounce of peace. God removed me, because I was disobedient. Meaning I procrastinated with the moves he asked me to make while money was rolling in and therefore when he put me out I was not prepared. So hear me clearly, its time to move on the last thing he told you.

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