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Three things to get you out of being a lukewarm christian and pleasing to God.

We love to say what we need from God, We need God to work a miracle, make a way out of no way and provide. There are so many things we need from God. There is nothing wrong with what we need. As a christian believer have you considered what God needs from you? Some of us are new believers or we have gotten saved saved. What I mean by that is we said the prayer of repentance and accepted Jesus Christ in our life but we did not immediately see a change. So as you grew in your faith in God the father and God the son Jesus Christ you started to have encounters and get serious about your walk as a believer. That's what I mean by saved saved.

So let me tell you about an encounter I had back in 2017. I never shared this publicly so listen up, lol.

I had just turned 28 years old and I did not like my life as it was. I actually hated what it looked like. I was like something must change and fast. I cried out to God and he said to me your life can indeed change. Then I started to hear the word lukewarm. You girl was a lukewarm christian. I loved God but my life did not look like it. I had some bad habits and a very negative outlook on life. I realized that God did not want us lukewarm. Read the scripture below if you do not believe me

"So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither [a]cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth." Revelations 3:16 NKJV

So I decided to get it right. So I went on a social media fast for 30 days, in the duration of that fast I was taking cold showers for a couple of days. I felt led to take these showers. It was so uncomfortable to feel that cold water on my body. My body did not like how it felt and it felt like torture. But my mind was so clear. I started to feel closer to God like never before. Note please do not go off taking cold showers in the name of trying to make an encounter, if led go ahead. Back to the story. One day I was coming out of the shower and I felt a release. I said that's it. I got dressed and I burst out the door. I looked at my bed, and I stated loudly and boldly

" I choose to be with God now, you can't have me any more."

Immediately the gift of tongues came upon me, I now know the holy spirit took over. I walked around my house speaking in tongues and could not stop. I tried and couldn't. I was walking through my house and outside of my house doing this. It was an outer body experience. I knew at that point my life would never be the same. I made a conscious decision to follow God for real. I decided I needed to get to know who my Father was and how to be his daughter. I honestly didnt know. When I got baptized in 2008, I really did not understand a thing.

Throughout this time of getting saved saved, I slowly but surely learned alot about being a believer. There are three foundation concepts we all should understand.

1. Faith- This is the currency of heaven. Without faith we will never please God. Use your bible app, I suggest blue letter bible app because it has a concordance or the brown app because you can see different versions and they have bible plans to assist you.

2. Obedience- This one is HUGE! We show God we love him by being obedient. Its a requirement. You can choose disobedience if you want, because Jesus did die for our sins. I advise you and want to encourage you that obedience is so essential in your walk.

3. Sacrifice- Whew this one, is also a struggle for me even now. We have to sacrifice so many things to stay in the narrow will of God. It could be our feelings, friends, that partner we need to leave alone, our sleep, our time and our idols. God is a jealous God and he wont change just because you don't want to listen.

These are just a starting line up there are several more things, start here and it will take you far. If you need some practical steps I go through these in different forms on my christian podcast call Queen Redeemed Podcastaoil. In episode one I explain the name. Feel free to listen and learn more its on most major platforms.

Podcast Episodes to Consider (Click the title to hear the episode, I made it easy for you.

Feel free to subscribe from your favorite platform

Obedience: What does it have for you

Faith: Its time to level up your faith

Submission: How can I submit to God

Fear: Where is your Rahab faith?

When you listen to the episodes I give scripture to back up what I talk about so please be ready to take notes. Feel free to post and tag me on IG with your notes and takeaway here is my instagram:

This year may your relationship with OUR Father in Heaven go to the next level. Also join my fanclub on Facebook we are having a 21 day Redemption series:

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