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To the woman who cries inside.

The woman inside of me cries a lot because she wants to be free from my outward appearanc. She wants to be confident and bold in the beliefs she believes comes from God. She wants to speak and share with the world her growth. When she tries to there is pushback from her fears and anxiety. The world tells her to be quiet or that she is stupid. She really wants to share the fire on the inside of her. She wants to be healed, whole and set free. Me I won’t let her be free. She is continuing to beg to come out and since I stop her, at night when it’s quiet she cries. Basically I’m tired of her crying and feeling like she is fake. She knows her worth she knows she can do this if I just push past the world and these pesky emotion. I know there is someone who has a girl inside of them wanting to get out. Well my girl she is out now and she is loose. I heard her cry. I would love to share with you so you can free her too. One way she is loose is through this podcast. Listen Here:

Also through Monthly Freedom Calls for women. To get the details Click Here:

These two things will bless you and help you free the inner you. I hope you join me so that you can feel the freedom God has for you! So you can be more faithful, obedient and forgivin. So let’s Pray, Chat and Heal! And answer the cries that keep us up at night.

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