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What in the season???

Seasons mark newness of the environment around us, in winter the weather is cooler and summer the weather is warmer. We also go through seasons in life, marriage, and business. The importance of recognizing the seasons is that it tells us how we should act, what we should be doing and how to prepare for the next season. Seasons in life I believe are designed by God, they are to teach us, grow us and develop us spiritually. Sometimes we do not pay attention to the seasons that we are in, because either its not something we have been in before or we are still use to the previous season that has already passed us by.

Last year when I launched my non-profit I was in a execution season or grind season as some call it, I felt like my plate was filled with so many things to do. I did not have time to do things for myself. Although fruitful it was a lot. After it was launched I kept trying to go and it was not the same momentum. I soon realized I was going into a season of rest. This was important because in that season I needed to give time to my family and also I had a death in my family. The end of the year is also when I spend the most time with my family.

I needed that season to rest in God. Resting is essential while we run this race of life and sometimes its hard for me. Its only hard because I have the wrong thought process about rest. Just because God has asked you to rest does not mean He forgot about your request. In Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 it explains the times. It is up to us to recognize what time it is for us.

I want to encourage you to discern the season of your life and ask the holy spirit to help you to see how you should be moving in your season. Also ask the holy spirit to help you discern when God is moving you into another season of life. Doing these two task will help you thrive in life and handle them appropriately. As you move through seasons be encouraged because God is literally perfecting your faith in him.

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