Where is Your Faith?

Let me tell you right now while it’s happening at one time. This week I have been preparing to release this podcast. Like God has been talking to me about for 3 years. Today on a whim I posted it. My anxiety is through the roof because it’s a shift for me. I’m doing something I love which is to run my mouth lol. I’m also doing new skills. I’m such a people pleaser. I’m more concerned if people like it more than if God is pleased at this moment. Overall I know that This is God. I have taken many risk before this feels bigger than anything I have ever done. I feel like I can breathe now that I did it. Honestly it’s a good week in my atmosphere. I just see God answering prayers the more I listen and obey. When I slow down to the speed he wants me to go on life becomes so simple. I’m also excited because I have some hot stuff coming this weekend. I said I wanted to speak and God is making it happen. So let me tell you a little before my list. I am starting freedom chats monthly. These chats will be an opportunity to just breathe and get some stuff off your chest and get prayer. I have been wanting to do something like this for months. I had to have faith that God would trust me to care for his people again. On the chat I’ll explain more. I’ll be talking more about this over the next few weeks. I really want to pour some of this overflow for you.

Lately God has been speaking to me about Rahab and her faith. God needs that level of faith from us because we Know what he will do for us, his track record is the bomb.com. It’s important to press into the faith and do the world. Me posting this podcast was a faith decision. This is the works. God has told me to do this for years, I finally surrendered to a point that I just go now no matter how I feel. I know that God trusts me and I trust him.

So be ready on Wednesday for your Podcastaoil!! Gotta tune in to understand!

Listen Here: bit.ly/podcastaoil

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