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Why you should journal..

Journaling is something I took for granted. I would start one forget about come back to. Then I was introduced to Prayer Journals. I love prayer journals because you can write out what’s on your heart and have a written conversation between you and God. It allows you to express yourself and get things off your chest. It is a great way to release your whole heart and pretty much free yourself. It feels so good to release in that way because your mind will literally be clear. Clearing your mind is so helpful because it could unclog your mind so you can get things done and process through so many things.

Sometimes we discount this simple act of writing but journaling is just like talk therapy seems so simple but it can literally change your mind, thoughts and processes. It can allow you to see yourself and your life from a different perspective. Sometimes we do not realize how much we intake in our minds. We don't realize how much we need to dump out in order to be clear in our minds. Journaling can be key for this. It could also solve your problem about why you feel overwhelmed, why you don't know what's next, and why you are all over the place in your mind, will and emotions. We have to get clear and read back our thoughts.

We are in the middle of COVID 19 and everything around us seems to be going wild. Although we may feel at peace it can come upon us out of nowhere. Its important that we up our acts of journaling, praying and being at peace. I think that journaling can be key. For those who have never journal, you can get a notebook or you can get my journal. This journal allows you to track your habits, affirmations, gratitude and thoughts. This is perfect for a time as this. It is digital and available for immediate download here: Planner

The good thing about this is you can print it out, get it bound add it to your planner and get very creative with this journal. Also you can get a notebook and start writing or keep one in your phone or computer. No matter how you journal the time is now to start writing. If you have not brought my book: Life after HIV you can get your book and the planner for $15 for a limited time. Order today:

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