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You Can Write A Book in 7 Days!!!

Last year while scrolling on social media, I saw a post about accountability partners to write. I thought that sounds good let me join. I got into the group and it was this amazing group of authors who all wanted to write books. The other thing I learned soon on as they write with the unction of the holy spirit. I was so excited to get another book done. God had been speaking to me about a book I did not want to write. So, this group was divinely sent to inspire me to write. I went ahead joined the challenge and wrote a book in 14 days,

I was mind blown because I took years to write my last book, literally years. I soon learned that community is so important in everything you do including writing books.

After I did this I wanted the world to know that they can write books as well. So by the next challenge I was a moderator then an administrator. I loved my role in this group. The next two challenges were 7 day challenges, and guess what I wrote another book. This boosted my confidence in my ability to complete these books.

I want to now pass that on to you, you can absolutely finish your manuscript maybe even multiple manuscripts. Even if not in 7 days you can complete it this year. So stop sitting on your hidden talents, expertise and knowledge. Get that in front of your target audience. Your brand needs a book. When I wrote my book, I did not even consider the brand that would come afterwards, I just knew I need to finish this book.

It set me up in ways you would never believe. I have had interviews, speaking engagements, and I was on television. Now, that I have shown my expertise in a book, it has built my trust around the topic of living with HIV. I am now the expert in my field and people come to me all over the world for answers. Wouldn't that be great if your book could position you in a way like this. I am here to tell you it can. You may be saying, well yeah but how will I formulate an expert book off my brand or me life? Here are three things to consider


What Am I Good At?

Think about the skills that you already possess. Can you write, draw, speak or act. Are you good at finding resources, making money, creating content? These skills you have can really change the life of other people. There is a reason why you are good at it. Just take sometime to brainstorm your skills so you can monetize them through a book.

What are people always coming to you for as far as advice?

Think about the areas where people always need advice. This could be things like relationships, writing, planning, strategy and problem solving. I know sometimes what comes easy to us we forget does not come easy to other people. We give our advice out for free all day every day, so why night put that in a book so it can reach people that you may never meet.

What is your career?

This one may shock some of my readers but why? If you are a doctor, nurse, dentist. serial entrepreneur, writer, graphic artist, influencer, stay at home mom even, we need your expertise. Let me know if you write that stay a home book because I need some tips. We need your experiences and the transformation you can develop in other people. You went to school, you trained for years, you educated yourself and developed a wealth of knowledge. Why not teach another person to do the same?

No matter how you spend your time in your daily life, you can put that into writing and create a stream of income for it. Let me tell you your book is only the beginning for the doors that God will open. So if you are up for the challenge join the next Free 7 day Writing Challenge by clicking here.

See you in the group!

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